Women's health issues in IBD: Prevention of cervical cancer, pregnancy issues, and sexuality

This webcast, “Mastering Clinical Challenges and Emerging Therapies in IBD” provides a clinical update of new findings and techniques for the diagnosis and management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Recent efforts in clinical research and discovery have changed the way that physicians diagnose and treat their patients with IBD.

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5 Tips for Upcoming Models: by Vanessa Ponce de León, Miss World 2018


Modeling can be both demanding and stressful career option along with the glamour factor.

WF team caught up with Miss World Vanessa Ponce de León, Miss World 2018. In her interview she shares,

5 Tips for Upcoming Models

Healthy is Beautiful.

The industry makes you think that you are prettier the skinnier you get, and by trying to meet those expectations it’s easy for models to get into unhealthy eating habits. “I have seen some of my friends fall into those bad habits and never get out of those cycles and ended up in the hospital. Sick is not sexy, or elegant or chic.” Healthy is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get an Education

Education is not only about knowing accounting or laws, it’s also about social skills. Understanding how to manage yourself in social occasions and being qualified to have conversations with people from all walks of life. “I started modelling after college and when I got into castings I found myself talking to directors, producers and technicians about multiple subjects, this lead me to have more bookings as they got to know me. Having a good education is important whatever field of work.”

Always Help Others

If you start to get a lot of attention it can be easy to let your success go to your head. Then you start making wrong choices and change your core values. To keep your feet on the ground, help others. Find something to do for the community around you, the secret to success is sharing. Use your influence to create a positive impact . And always stay humble.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Rejection in this industry is normal, models live with it every single day. Don’t take it personally, either you are what they are looking for or you are not, but it doesn’t matter. Embrace yourself and be proud of your individuality.

Be Patient

“It took me almost a year to start booking jobs regularly, don’t fall into despair, it is a process.” Be disciplined and work on yourself to become the best option at any casting.

Learn more about her diet, lifestyle and fitness routine at https://www.womenfitness.net/miss-world-vanessa-ponce-de-leon/.


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Singer Ishawna Talks About Music, Fitness & Lots More!


Women Fitness President joins the stunning musician on her journey in music, fitness & lots more!

Namita Nayyar:

Your father was also a singer and worked with legendary 80s producer King Jammy. What inspired you to take up singing was it your father?


I always loved singing it just came natural to me, I always knew this was my career path. 

Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in the life of Ishawna, the artist.


My life is very simple. If I don’t have work I’m home spending time with myself and family. Other than that I’m in the Gym then off to the studio to write and record. 

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Fight Mental Stress by Suspending Judgement: National Women’s Health Special


In this hour of crisis and to lower one’s mental stress level, we need to suspend judgment… especially in our new reality of stay-at-home orders.

Positive Over Negative

Thoughts, both negative or positive lead to mixed feelings which lead to our behavior. Behaviors that showcase your strong leadership skills or display your lack of leadership. Rather than reacting with doubt, frustration, annoyance or criticism, suspend your judgment and choose to assume everyone is doing their best.

Assume Everyone is doing their Best be it your Family or Colleagues.

For example, if a colleague hasn’t returned your emails as quickly as you desire, rather than judging them about being disorganized, slow to take action, or avoiding you. Be considerate about their new routine, home-schooling responsibility or a family member or friend having taken ill.

To maintain optimum mental health suspend deriving judgment within your own family to adjust to the new situation. Note everyone’s definition of clean is not equal, nor attitude to invest their downtime. Rather than suggesting healthier ways or tips to increase efficiency, honor others choices. Trust me, it’s not easy, but will help establish a joyful relationship over one filled with frustration, misery or negativity.

Suspend Judgment Coming to your Own Self.

You too are learning to navigate in a new world you have never experienced before. You are learning how to be productive, focused and effective in an environment riddled with ambiguity. You’re learning how to lead and be present for others in a new high-tech, high-touch, but “don’t touch” environment.

Why not choose to be understanding, empathetic and compassionate rather than critical? Why not choose to assume that right now, everyone is doing their best?

In this time of pandemic, you’ll develop the invaluable, connected leadership skills of empathy, understanding and compassion. And who can’t use more of that right now?

Ref: http://www.speakersfornurses.com/blog


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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Clinic

For an appointment at the Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Clinic, please call 1-507-538-3270 or visit www.mayoclinic.org, and specify the Women’s Health Clinic.

Bioidentical hormones are most simply described as the hormones that look identical to human hormones. These are plant-derived and can be obtained via a compounding pharmacy or your provider can write you a prescription. ‘The key is to not get misled by the widely spread message that compounding is the only way to obtain bioidentical hormones, and become aware that bioidentical hormones can also be available by prescription.

Considering Hormone Therapy –
Testosterone in Women –
Perimenopause –


Destination for Advanced Health Care Video – Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been a destination for advanced health care for nearly two centuries. Consistently ranked one of the country’s top hospitals by US News & World Report®, men and women come here from across the US and from over 120 countries worldwide.

A long-standing teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, the Brigham is home to profound life giving breakthroughs, like the world’s first organ transplant and, continues this today with new ways to prevent and maintain health.

The Brigham is a biomedical powerhouse. Its discoveries affect all of us, such as the impact of a daily aspirin in preventing heart attack and deciphering the role of amyloid protein in Alzheimer’s disease. And the Brigham is dedicated to training the next generation of health care providers. Many of our clinicians and alumni are leaders in medicine today, transforming the future of health care to improve lives everywhere.

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