ThatSkinny GirlLife

A life that many women literally want to live

Youʼve tried the fad diets and failed.

Youʼve bought the weight loss pills to no avail.

You might have even contemplated expensive plastic surgery.

Your quest to get skinny has gone a lot of different routes -- but none of them have worked out like youʼve hoped. In the end, all of that effort has resulted in frustration, depression, and perhaps even actual weight gain instead of weight loss.

Isnʼt it time to find a plan -- and a philosophy -- that really works?

A plan that doesnʼt torture you with eating things that you hate, or force you to go broke to afford the meal plan. A plan that lets you enjoy delicious foods and live a balanced lifestyle -- and have fun doing it.

Doesnʼt that sound like the type of weight loss plan that you can stick with?

Thatʼs where the Skinny Girl Life comes in handy.

Iʼm Alison, your resident skinny girl.

All my life people have asked me how I manage to stay thin. For me, itʼs never been about fad diets, plastic surgery, expensive pills or any of that other harmful stuff. Instead, itʼs been about long-term solutions. Now, Iʼm ready to share my secrets with the world.

If you knew that living the Skinny Girl life was all about learning to eat the right foods, and about living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, would you be willing to try it? It almost seems too simple -- but it really is that simple. The Skinny Girl life doesnʼt have to mean sacrifice and torture. Instead, itʼs all about balance.

With That Skinny Girl Life book, Iʼll walk you through the simple steps you need to take to lose weight -- without sacrificing your happiness.

The bookʼs real-life advice, opinions and theories cover everything from:

Skinny girl meal patterns
Low fat food myths
Societyʼs influence on our weight
Perks to losing weight
How to motivate yourself
The dangers of crash diets
And much more!

With That Skinny Girl Life book, youʼll no longer have to wander through your weight loss journey, ready to pick up on the latest trends or fad diets. Instead, youʼll have solid, reliable information that can help you start to change your habits and change your life.

And guess what? You can even do it without ever going to the gym or eating foods that make you cringe. If youʼre the type who cringes at the sight of a treadmill, you can rest assured that youʼll never have to set foot on one -- unless you want to.

If you hate kale, I wonʼt force you to eat it -- but I will help you come up with other healthy alternatives you can integrate into your life to be sure youʼre getting the nutrients your body craves.

Whatʼs more, weʼll cover how other things around you, including your friends, family and society, are affecting your ability to gain or lose weight -- and what you can do to manage those influences in your life. Iʼll even help you discover support structures you can seek out in your community to stay on track and keep living That Skinny Girl Life.

Losing weight doesnʼt have to include fad diets or starvation.

It doesnʼt have to mean spending thousands on expensive surgeries either.

Somewhere in you is the skinny girl youʼve always wanted to be --
and That Skinny Girl Life book is going to help you find her.

That new you is inside you -- now itʼs time to let her come out!

Buy That Skinny Girl Life book today to start living your new Skinny Girl life.




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